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Mediation of divorce services involves using a third party to help divorcing parties agree on issues regarding marriage. In most cases, the parties main aim is not to reconcile the conflicting parties neither can they choose any sides nor make them decisions for them; the mediator helps the conflicting parties agree on issues such as property division and child custody. In such a service, everything that is spoken is kept confidential.

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Pros of Mediation Services

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Benefits of Using Mediation Services During Divorce/Separation Chalfont Common

Mediation involves the voluntary use of an impartial third party to help separating/ divorcing parties agree on issues that are contested. The mediator does not seek to reconcile the parties involved, neither do they take sides nor make decisions for them; the mediator just helps the parties reach an agreement on contested issues such as child custody and sharing of property.

Everything discussed usually remains confidential. The recent past has seen a surge in popularity of mediation as many couples and business partners opt for it over going to court because of its many benefits. In fact, in recognition of these benefits the UK government strongly encourages parties to first go through mediation before taking their case to court. Here is a look at some of the benefits parties enjoy when they use the services of mediator.

Less stressful

Divorces are generally stressful affairs for the parties involved. Appearing in court before a judge and discussing many details that touch on your marriage/relationship only adds stress to the whole affair. In mediation, the threatening environment of the courtroom is replaced by a more informal and comfortable environment that allows the divorcing parties to discuss contested issues in a more relaxed manner.


If a couple decides to go to court to settle issues arising from their divorce, they will each have to hire their own lawyers and pay all other expenses individually. However, if they decide to use a mediator, the expenses dramatically go down as they will only pay for one mediator and any other expense that may arise is taken care of collectively. This makes mediation significantly cheaper than litigation.

Moreover, mediation takes much less time than litigation. On average, it takes just around four months. This is in contrast with litigation which can even take a decade to reach a settlement. This short duration of mediation further reduces its cost. On average, mediation costs just around 30% of the cost of litigation.

Positive Effect on Children

Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of mediation are children. In litigation, parents often take a combative stance against each other. The environment of stress and conflict is not only stressful to the parents but also to the children themselves.

In mediation, the parents cooperate during the entire divorce process. Seeing parents cooperating even when they have serious disagreements with each other usually has great benefits for the children as it creates a sense of normalcy.

In addition, settlements arrived through mediation usually allow parents to have joint custody and more control over their children than those arrived through litigation. As shown above, mediation is not just a low-cost divorce service; it is also less stressful and less time-consuming.

It allows issues such as custody and control over children, sharing of the family wealth and other issues pertaining to the divorce to be handled in a manner that does not add unnecessary stress to the parties involved. It is for these reasons that couples are highly encouraged to use the services of mediators for their divorce cases and only go for litigation when mediation fails.